Ecovacs Deebot N79W Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Ecovacs Deebot N79W is an autonomous vacuum cleaner. It is basically a robot that can clean up your floor without any human intervention and return to its charging port after the job is done. There is of course sufficient manual control so you are not entirely at the mercy of the whims and fancies of a state of the art gadget. This is easily one of the cheapest robot vacuums in the stores right now. If you are wondering about Ecovacs Deebot N79W vs. N79S, then you should know that both are essentially the same cleaner. The former is the model number for the vacuum cleaner available exclusively at Target. The latter is the more generic model number.

Ecovacs Deebot N79W Review

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All Deebot reviews have one observation in common. This is the best robot vacuum cleaner in its class and especially given the price. There are swankier and more resourceful autonomous vacuums but some are priced as much as five times so they are clearly not in consideration for most homeowners.

Our Ecovacs Deebot N79W review has drawn a few informed conclusions.


The autonomous cleaning & charging feature actually works. The vacuum is small enough to clean spaces under usual furniture at home or office. The device can be controlled using its smartphone app. There is an onboard button and a remote. You can also use Alexa to control the Deebot. The voice controls are limited but they suffice. It has some useful features such as the Edge and Spot modes. There is a Max double suction mode, an upgrade from the predecessor N79.


One of the noteworthy strengths of the Deebot is its ability to navigate the floor without getting stuck anywhere. However, it does move around stuff that must be cleaned up quite a few times before it gets to the mess. The robot also takes quite some time to clean large floors. It is not as methodical as one may want to imagine. The robot makes quite a few roundtrips in a large room. Very large rooms will take as much as two hours and at times longer to clean for the tiny robot.


There is one concern as per our observations while conducting the Ecovacs Deebot N79W review.

The vacuum is noisy. It is not the quietest of vacuum cleaners by several decibels. You may find the noise a little inconvenient or an outright irritant. You do have the liberty to schedule the vacuum cleaner so you do not have to deal with the noise. The device will do its job and be back at its charging port when you get back. In rare instances you may find the cleaner stuck in a rug or tangled in cables if you have some loose on the floor. The device is efficient at detecting edges of stairs so it will not go rolling down to deal self inflicted damage.


The entry level autonomous cleaner or robot is one of the most affordable and reliable bump and run vacuums available right now. Unless you are expecting impeccable finesse in autonomous cleaners, you can definitely pick this one up and simplify vacuuming at your home or office.


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